Updates from the Town in My Mind

Saw this cute duck today, while on a walk.

Life is Short

A woman who was briefly my girlfriend during my sophomore year in high school (over 40 years ago), recently reached out through LinkedIn. I welcomed the contact during these COVID times. We exchanged a few emails. I made a point to ask her about herself, her life. “Tell me about your sons,” for example. She responded in wonderful detail, so that I felt as if I actually knew something meaningful about her—and about her sons’ lives, personalities, and aspirations. I noticed, however, that she did not (at least not yet) ask me similar questions. No “Tell me about your daughters,” for example. I would welcome such queries. But life is short. A plague makes that clear. As did my 20 year marriage to a narcissist. So I have no plans to further that correspondence.

Indigenous people and people of color deserve reparations

Today while hiking in the woods, I encountered some mountain bikers.  One of of them smiled and said, “Happy America”! — but it was obvious she was being sarcastic, in a friendly way, in light of the 4th of July weekend and the global shame we all face in America in light of dick-head trump and a broken, murderous police system.  

I was so glad that I must give off a some sort of progressive vibe that made the bike rider feel comfortable enough to share this sentiment with me, all via her “Happy America.”

I smiled back at the bike riders and said, “Right, I’m just out here hiking, looking for a cliff to jump off of.”  They all laughed at that.

One of my top five sounds is wind through trees.

As of June 27, 2020, there have been three sightings (this year) of Squish Squatch around Awaysaway. 2 of which were within the town itself.